Level I and Level II – (36-56 Hours)

Therapists use screening tools which incorporate the complete psycho/social history and the use of the (MAST) Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test to determine therapy needs and DUI classification levels. Clients are provided a comprehensive alcohol and drug education program which focuses on cognitive restructuring.

Arizona Board of Behavioral Health licensed substance abuse counselors work closely with clients to identify reasons for their behavior and to take steps to change and remedy destructive patterns. Clients are instructed on the dynamics of chemical dependency and how the disease relates to their recovery in weekly group therapy sessions.

Level I and Level II Intensive Outpatient Therapy – (72 – 120+ Hours)

Participants are required to attend structured group therapy 2 times per week. Staffing of clients who continue to struggle with psychiatric symptoms or co-occurring disorders will be further evaluated on an individual basis. This program is designed to provide clients with stress reduction techniques, identification of triggers, life traumas through sobriety based activities and coping skills.

Lapse/Relapse Prevention Group Counseling Sessions:

Therapy targets clients who have had some success in their recovery efforts, but seem to slip back into destructive behaviors and continue to use drugs and alcohol. Counseling sessions focus on helping clients develop an understanding of triggers and establish more effective coping skills required for a long-term successful recovery.

Anger Management Classes:

Participants are required to complete an anger management workbook and have homework assignments on a regular basis. The course work helps clients understand the physiological and psychological damage anger causes. Topics covered in this program are:

  • Stress Reduction Strategies
  • Negative Thought Stopping Skills
  • Pro Social Behavior
  • Cognitive Restructuring Worksheets
  • Problem Solving
  • Anger Caused By Alcohol/Drug Use

Individual Counseling Sessions:

One on one therapy sessions address clients with more serious issues and help them to process past traumas and emotional problems. This program is also designed for clients who feel uncomfortable sharing in a group setting and desired to target more specific needs. The scope of issues range from family of origin issues, relationship issues, early trauma and deeper rooted causes of addiction.

MVD Drivers License Evaluations:

MVD revocation packets are issued by each state. LLC Counseling Services primarily focuses on Arizona MVD evaluations. The revocation packets are obtained from the state licensing agency. Clients need to check when they become eligible to get license reinstatement packets.

This assessment must be conducted and processed by a licensed individual substance abuse counselor (LISAC). Clients need to call and set up an appointment.